Online webinars

  • Welcome to the lecture platform of teachersintime.

    Here you can connect by selecting the name of the teacher you made arrangements with for the day and time of your lesson, and have your lecture. In order to be able to connect, the teacher must connect first.

    • Watch live streaming of educational programmes and training seminars long distance.
    • Communicate with the teacher through a virtual classroom with no geographical restrictions.
    • Put questions to the educator through the interactive functions.
  • Connect with the teacher you want.



Technical characteristics

Prerequisites for the operation of the session channel

  • Network speeds

    To be able to communicate through the platform without problems you need a simple domestic internet connection.

    The recommended characteristics are:

    • 2 MB Download
    • 1 MB Upload
  • Sound

    Though using headphones it is not a prerequisite, we recommend it so you are not distracted by external sounds but also so there is no return from the microphone.

  • Microphone

    A simple microphone is sufficient. It would be advisable to prefer a vocal microphone to avoid interference as much as possible. Headsets are ideal.

  • Upgrades

    It is important to always keep your browser and its plug-ins, especially flash and java, updated. You can contact us with any queries and we will get back to you immediately.